Dr. Patel Provides the Latest in Cardiovascular Care

Dr. Patel complements your care and works closely with you to help reduce risk and slow the progression of many cardiovascular problems.

Protecting & enhancing heart health with leading-edge cardiology

Dr. Patel provides the latest in cardiovascular care with a focus on prevention, early detection and ongoing management. Dr. Patel complements your care and works closely with you to help reduce risk and slow the progression of many cardiovascular problems. He and his nurse also provide condition-specific education and support, to improve patient understanding and compliance.

Clinical capabilities include:

Comprehensive Diagnostics - All echocardiogram tests, EKG with telemetry, 24-hour Holter monitor, King of Hearts monitor, CT angiography interpretation, and others

Dr. Patel is also at the forefront of nuclear cardiology. Nuclear tests yield highly detailed, reliable information about the heart, without the costs and risks associated with invasive procedures. Dr. Patel provides the MUGA scan and myocardial perfusion imaging among other nuclear studies.

Prevention & Risk Factor Management - When physicians need a specialized opinion or assistance with managing complex problems, Dr. Patel is here to help. He works with physicians to provide aggressive hyperlipidemia management and care for complex hypertension.

Heart of Diabetes Program - For the past several years, the American Heart Association has encouraged the medical community to address the cardiovascular aspect of diabetes. Dr. Patel works with family physicians, internists, and endocrinologists to assess and manage the cardiovascular effects of this disease.

Women's Heart Health - Physicians understand, but many women do not: Heart disease is the number one cause of death in adults of both genders. For women, it has a unique presentation. Dr. Patel has many years of experience in diagnosing and managing cardiovascular diseases in women.

Postevent & Postsurgical Care - Dr. Patel provides the close monitoring, medication, and education which are essential for patients who have had a heart attack or other cardiovascular event or who have had surgery, angioplasty, stent placement, or other interventional procedure.

Heart Failure Program - Dr. Patel's diagnostic expertise allows him to identify the potential for heart failure early, when he can manage it most effectively.

Heart of the Athlete Program - For many years, Dr. Patel provided cardiology care to the athletes at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. He continues to evaluate and manage syncope, chest pains, and other symptoms that appear in younger, highly active people.

Other services include:

Providing the personal care you want for your patients

When you recommend the care of a specialist, the referral is an indication of your good judgment and commitment to your patient. That's an important reason why Dr. Patel takes the time to give patients a positive experience at Kishwaukee Cardiology Associates. He also gives patients the time, attention, and compassion they deserve.